Multi-storey Timber Carparks

A modern method of construction with nature’s building material

An EnviroPark multi-storey timber carpark replaces the need to use large amounts of steel and concrete to build large scale parking facilities by using modern methods of construction with sustainably managed timber. We aim to provide cost effective solutions that are competitive with traditional building materials and methods.
As a highly prefabricated construction system, an EnviroPark multi-storey carpark can be designed and built to suit most applications including green and brown field sites and vertical extensions. Suitable for airports, shopping centres and inner-city sites, EnviroPark multi-storey carparks can even be disassembled and reassembled to suit change of use requirements over time.
EnviroPark ensures that the rigors of wear and tear, weathering, accidental and wilful damage are carefully considered to ensure that our structures can withstand any eventuality for the life of the structure.
As our multi-storey structures are highly prefabricated, we can provide fast on-site assembly and increased flexibly before, during and even after the life of the structure.