Capability Statement

Download EnviroPark capability statement here.

Download EnviroPark Solar Carpark structures capability statement here.

Australian Wood Encouragement Policies (WEP)

A WEP generally requires responsibly sourced wood to be considered, where feasible, as the primary construction material in all new-build and refurbishment projects.

EnviroPark supports the adoption of WEPs for both private and public projects. See Planet Ark’s WEP overview here to learn more.

View Planet Ark’s national WEP distribution map here.

Parking Australia

Parking Australia is the national body representing the interests of the parking industry in Australia.

Wood and the Environment

The Planet Ark and WoodSolutions program, Make It WoodDo Your World Some Good, aims to encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material. When sourced responsibly, wood can play a big part in helping tackle climate change. This is because wood is a low carbon option for building – when used in long-lived applications it stores carbon for the long-term, it is renewable and it has a lower embodied energy than many other building materials such as concrete, steel or plastics. Using wood allows us to live a low carbon lifestyle.